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About Us

For more than 95 years, Grant Piston Rings has been a prime manufacturer of quality piston ring sets for passenger cars, light trucks, industrial engines, air brake compressors and motorcycles. We use only the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing standards.

Grant Piston Rings began in 1922 during the time of the Ford Model T. Much of Grant’s original recognition came from its support and service to the California race car and hot rod industry. Grant’s racing heritage dates back to the start of the company. Founder Gerry Grant’s love for the automobile transcends hot rods and race cars. From Streamliners to racing boats to Grant’s 1952 Ferrari that ran at the Indianapolis 500, Grant has always been involved in high-performance vehicles. Today, the company still manufactures ring sets for high performance applications; however most of Grants business in recent years is supplying quality ring sets to the automotive aftermarket.


logo-iso9001.pngRequested the world over, Grant continues to carry on the tradition of high quality piston rings at competitive prices. To do this, we research the latest advancements in technology from casting to machining to coatings. All, so we can produce the finest piston rings available today.

The continuous improvements in our manufacturing process and product design allow us to grow within the automotive industry. Every Grant piston ring that rolls off the line is designed by our Engineering staff for ease of installation and maximum efficiency over the life of the engine. Grant has complete control over the design and quality of every ring we produce.


The bottom line is:

We manufacture the highest quality rings for unmatched engine performance