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Our History

about-gerry.jpgThe Beginning

Gerald Mitchell McDonald Grant started Grant back in 1922. Gerald “Gerry” Grant had a fervent passion for the automobile. Gerry Grant realized that engines did not last that long in the early days of the automobile and he capitalized on this by first selling rebuild kits and then going into the piston ring manufacturing business. Grant was involved in all types of Motor Racing from hill climbs to Streamliners to the Indy 500. In 1952, Grant sponsored a specially built Ferrari for the 1952 Indianapolis 500. The car ran well with Johnnie Parsons driving, but it had ignition troubles and did not qualify.




history-01.jpgGerry Grant passed away in 1952 and left his company and legacy to two nephews, Grant and Dick MacCoon. The brothers would go on to make their own history. 1955 saw Grant take over the 200 Mile Per Hour Club (Lifetime Members) and for years was instrumental in pioneering high speed driving at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Running their flathead ’32 Roadster at the dry lakes, the brothers gained knowledge in the fact that a piston ring was more than just decoration for a piston. They realized how important the ring was for sealing and helping to dissipate heat under tremendous cylinder pressure.




grant-piston-rings.jpgIn 1966 Grant MacCoon along with his father built a twin engine Toronado, featuring 850 cubic inches and producing 770 horsepower. Air scoops in the rear of the car are the only modifications done to the exterior of the car. Inside the full interior remains. The car features 4 wheel drive and the engines can be run individually or simultaneously. The rear of the car was modified using the front frame section from another Toronado. The car became Grant’s daily driver after it was finished. Grant liked performance, but he also enjoyed a big comfortable car and this car gave him the best of both worlds.

Throughout the years, Grant has been a part of the colorful history of the automotive aftermarket. The Grant commitment to quality product and service began in 1922 and stands firm today as the underlying foundation for everything we do. From engineering, to research, to design, to manufacturing, to shipping, Grant is dedicated to the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Grant continues to prove we are “The Quality Choice Since 1922”.